6 Reasons To Choose To Live In Samara, Costa Rica

6 Reasons To Choose To Live In Samara, Costa Rica

6 Reasons To Choose To Live In Samara, Costa Rica

Why Choose to Live in Samara, Costa Rica?

Nestled along Costa Rica's picturesque Pacific coastline, the laidback beach town of Samara stands out as an idyllic spot for expats seeking sun, sand, and the pura vida lifestyle. With its postcard-worthy beaches, lush jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, and welcoming community of locals, expats and tourists alike, Samara offers endless natural beauty and charm with easy access to amenities and conveniences. Keep reading to learn more about why to consider Samara. 

Laidback Beach Lifestyle

Located in the heart of one of the world's five blue zones, Samara retains its small-town charm, with a vibrant mix of tourists and expats, and is packed with everything you could want: small hotels, bars, restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops, tour companies, surf shops, a Spanish school on the beach, souvenir shops, grocery stores (including an organic one), convenience stores, banks, a hardware store, yoga studio, salons, two doctors, two pharmacies, a dentist, a vet and more! Measuring just two blocks by three blocks, downtown Samara has all of the necessary amenities while avoiding the overwhelming crowds of bigger tourist destinations. It's the perfect balance of conveniences and natural beach beauty.

The lifestyle in Samara moves at a relaxed pace, with friendly locals and expats alike embracing the "pura vida'' mindset. Spend your days lounging on the gorgeous beaches of Samara, surfing, or exploring the nearby jungles and reserves. The warm weather and sunny skies allow for year-round beach going and outdoor adventures along the coast. 

Transportation Connectivity

Getting to and around the Samara area is a breeze thanks to excellent transportation infrastructure. The highway system makes driving straightforward, with well-paved roads that can accommodate most vehicles. From Liberia International Airport, it's just a quick and scenic 2 hour(ish) drive or shuttle ride to Samara, allowing you easy access from North America and beyond. The public bus is also a budget-friendly option for getting to town.

Once you're settled in Samara, day trips around the region are very feasible. Route 160 runs along the coast, connecting Samara to other beach gems like Playa Carrillo just 10 minutes to the south or Nosara just 30-40 minutes up the road. You can easily spend a day at the beach relaxing, surfing, dining, or shopping and then return to your home base in Samara with minimal hassle.

Vibrant Expat Community

Samara's vibrant, tight-knit expat community makes it easy to settle in and feel at home. With transplants from North America, Europe, and other parts of the world calling Samara home, you're sure to bond over shared experiences and interests with fellow newcomers. Long-time foreign residents who have settled in are eager to pay it forward and help newcomers navigate their transition.

The expat network here serves as an invaluable resource when getting your bearings. Fellow expats can offer trusted recommendations on everything from healthcare providers, insurance agents, and lawyers to the best happy hours, sodas, and hidden beach spots. They have the inside scoop on dealing with language or cultural barriers as well. Tapping into this built-in support system helps you avoid rookie mistakes and quickly acclimate to how things work. The Samara expat community warmly welcomes newcomers into the fold through group activities like regular get togethers, dominos and poker games, charity events and more. Before you know it, you'll have a whole crew of amigos to explore Costa Rica with and get advice from when needed.

Harmony Between Locals and Transplants

You don’t have to look far to find a smiling Tico (Costa Rican native) in Samara - there are  thousands of friendly locals who have been in Samara for generations. In Samara, you’ll find that the people are friendly, the pace of life is slow and the beach is beautiful. While strolling through town, you’ll find a mix of natives, expats, tourists, dogs, and the occasional horse or cow, all living in relative harmony. It’s a community that cares deeply for their town and for each other in both the best and worst of times. 

Affordable Cost of Living in Samara, Costa Rica

One of the main draws of Costa Rica is its relatively low cost of living compared to North America and Europe. A 2021 report by International Living states that a single person can live comfortably on $1,500 a month in Costa Rica. Couples can enjoy a nice lifestyle on a budget of $2,000-3,000 per month. While those numbers have increased over recent years, it's still possible to live an affordable life in Costa Rica. 

Of course, that depends on lifestyle - if you assimilate into the local culture, living simply and eating at home, it will be far more realistic than if you expect all of the creature comforts from your current life. With expenses on the rise, Costa Rica still tends to be less expensive than many parts of North America and Europe but not “cheap”. But with careful planning, it can be possible to enjoy your retirement nest egg or remote work income.

Excellent Healthcare Infrastructure 

Samara, Costa Rica boasts high-quality healthcare options perfect for retirees and families. There are private clinics right in town, and the nearby city of Nicoya has an excellent hospital. Most expats opt for affordable private health insurance that covers only a fraction of what similar plans cost in North America. 

The care providers and facilities rival those in the United States and Canada. English is widely spoken by doctors in the area. Having excellent care readily available provides peace of mind.

Is Samara a Good Place To Invest?

With its rising popularity among expats and travelers alike, the charming beach town of Samara, Costa Rica presents solid opportunities for smart real estate investments. Though Samara retains its laid back vibe and small-town feel, tourism and development continue to expand.

While prices have increased over recent years, real estate in Samara is still undervalued compared to other Costa Rican beach towns and purchasing property now could pay off down the road. Throughout the country, properties in popular beachside communities offer strong short term rental income potential during high tourism seasons and long term rental opportunities in the low season.  Retirees and remote workers flock to Samara for a taste of Pura Vida, increasing demand.

As infrastructure improves and more amenities come to town, property values should rise. Investors who buy wisely now and hold for the long-term can capitalize on Samara's trajectory from an undiscovered gem to a coveted destination. The peaceful setting and high quality of life also make Samara real estate a great proposition for lifestyle investors seeking an idyllic home away from home paired with financial upside.

Ready to Start Your Costa Rican Beach Adventure?

Samara offers the ideal beach lifestyle for those seeking natural beauty, ocean views, and an affordable cost of living. With its transportation links, amenities, healthcare options and friendly community right on the beach, Samara has everything you need and more. If you're ready to make Central America your new home, put Samara, Costa Rica at the top of your list! And, contact the team at Coldwell Banker Samara, the area’s trusted choice for real estate in Samara, Costa Rica. 





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