Caribbean Costa Rica Real Estate

The Costa Rican coastline which runs 125 miles between the northern border with Nicaragua and the southern border with Panama is called the Caribbean coast or the Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica. The distinction is made because islands in the Caribbean are noted for their white sandy beaches, but the Costa Rican beaches have black and brown sands, and rough waters – which make it ideal for surfing. Real estate in Caribbean Costa Rica can be found in every city and town dotting the coast. Prospective purchases can acquire property in the port city of Limón, for example, which is a city of some 90,000 strong and the capital of the province of the same name. Cruise ships dock in this city on a daily basis and their passengers taken for tours of the surrounding area. Puerto Viejo de Telemanca, nearby, is another prime location for the young at heart, small and colorful.

Real Estate in Caribbean Costa Rica

Limón, the province which comprises all of this coast, has a much different vibe than any other province in Costa Rica. Its population is predominantly Afro-Caribbean, and the music and the food reflect the roots of its inhabitants, who came to this country to work on banana plantations or to build the Atlantic Railroad – construction starting in 1871 on a line that was 335 miles long in order to take freshly harvested coffee beans and bananas from Limon to San Jose (prosperous in its time, that line is now closed). Caribbean Costa Rica properties are for searchers who enjoy this much more lively vibe, and also deal with the province’s climate, which is rather rainy.
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